Turnstiles are effective measures in crowd control. Proving themselves necessary in high-traffic areas such as MRTs, airports, office buildings, and hotels, turnstiles have now extended their usage to tertiary and quartenary facilities - they can be seen in action at schools. Furthermore, they can also be implemented at private housing estates to ensure the security of its residents.

There are different types of turnstiles to suit your requirements such as the half-height flap turnstile, or tripod turnstile, and even the full height turnstile. For each turnstile, there are different modes of accessing the turnstile such as by pushing a button, or integrating the turnstile with a door access system, which provides an additional level of security. For absolute control of the turnstile, the full height turnstile is ideal as it only allows for people to pass through at one at a time and the chances of having any tailgating incidents with the turnstile implemented is significantly reduced. This is especially effective so at areas with an increased need for crowd control at its premises.
One can be assured of quality turnstiles, being as select turnstiles are made in Europe with the appropriate materials – tested and proven. On the side of maintenance and functionality of the turnstiles, they can be checked every few months to ensure optimum performance. Contact us to find out more on how a turnstile can be implemented for your sites.