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Installation of turnstiles in Singapore is the first line of defence to protect the physical security of your building and is also an effective tool to use for crowd control to prevent overcrowding within the premise. Unlike swing gates or doors which are unable to prevent tail-gating incidents, certain models of turnstiles are designed to allow only one person to pass at a time thus you can eliminate tailgating incidents completely by installing a suitable turnstile such as tripod turnstile or full height turnstile.

Turnstiles are commonly installed at factories, warehouses, condominiums, dormitories, construction sites, swimming pools, lobbies of office buildings and education institutes such as schools, polytechnics or universities. For implementation of an effective access control system, turnstiles are usually integrated with an access control system whereby only authorised personnel are granted access into the compound. You can choose from a variety of access control systems such as face recognition terminals, fingerprint reader, access card readers and mobile devices applications to suit your requirements. Other than restricting access to only authorised personnel, you can opt for additional functions such as time attendance event logs, visitor management system (VMS) and monitoring of number of personnel present within different zones of the site to enhance productivity. For construction sites, the turnstiles and access control devices can be installed within a 20-foot or 40-foot container. The material of the turnstile is usually stainless steel 304 or 316 subject to individual sites. We have a wide range of turnstiles to suit different requirements such as half height tripod turnstile, half height swing gate turnstile, half height flap barrier turnstile, full height single lane turnstile and full height double lane turnstile that are suitable for indoor usage or outdoor usage under shelter. With expected high human traffic flow, our turnstiles are reliable, durable and quick with average flow rate of 30 personnel per minute. As part of safety aspect, our turnstiles can be linked to the building fire control panel which will cut off the power supply to the turnstiles during an emergency to allow faster evacuation of the personnel within the building. Other than installation of new turnstiles in Singapore, we also provide upgrading, repairs and maintenance services for your existing turnstiles. In addition, we also provide turnstile rental services for short term or long term projects. Contact us now for a non-obligatory site discussion to discuss which type of turnstile and access control system you should install to enhance your building security! 
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