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A device that generates an image using infrared radiation, similar to how a standard camera generates an image using visible light. Non-contact scanning to ensure that anyone and everyone passing through is fit to enter the premises, or fit to report for duty based on elevated skin-surface temperatures. Applications range from airports to MRT stations, office buildings, school, dormitories, shopping malls, retail shops and even hotels to safeguard the safety of the general public.

Thermal Camera
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Thermal cameras or thermal CCTVs, are now widely used to detect fever in real time. In comparison to traditional thermometers, the thermal scanner and camera can detect human body temperature from a safer distance.


We carry a variety of thermal camera brands, including Hikvision and Suprema. Our Hikvision thermal cameras are equipped with thermographic thermal weatherproof cctv camera. Besides thermographic thermal weatherproof cctv camera function, our thermal camera products are also  equipped with fire prevention function via abnormal temperature detection, intruder detection and zero visibility environment surveillance.


Our thermal cameras are available for purchase, installation, and long-term rental. Don't worry, our engineers are well-versed in installation and maintenance support. Depending on the usage and duration, different terms and conditions apply.


Please contact us for more information, and our team will be happy to assist you!

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