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Do you need a commercial, office, touchscreen, mall, or retail display? We've got you covered! People are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things as a result of the advancement of technology. What better way to pique their interest than with fun and interactive technological displays that will also help them with their navigation and information-gathering needs?

As advertisements and campaigns are becoming increasingly digitalised, it is imperative that businesses, depending on which industry they are in, make the switch from print to digital. From more community-inclined areas such as schools, Community Centers and bus stops to areas with a significantly higher crowd such as shopping centers and airports,  more and more digital signages have been popping up due to its popularity in capturing the audiences' attention - compared to printed posters. 
Digital Signage
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Touch Screen / Interactive Display
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Digital signage has also benefited commercial areas by promoting brand image, attracting passing crowds into the outlet through interactive ads, and eventually helping to boost sales. It will also help to reduce costs associated with printing, production, and distribution.


Our digital signage is powered by a cloud-based system that allows for quick remote updates to the digital screen/digital signage kiosk. Established F&B companies have made extensive use of our kiosk stand-alone digital signage. Restaurants, for example, display menus. Frontier Security offers brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Hikvision, and SHARP.


Not only do digital signages come in the form of stands, they can also be mounted on walls, an example of it being the image above. With each utilizing industrial-grade televisions specially built to run for extended periods of time with increased brightness, digital signages are easily a way of getting your business' message across. There is also an option of how you want your screen to be displayed, hence it can show multiple advertisements at once, or simply set to show one in full screen. There are also video walls. The potential is vast as interactive versions can also be set up as a useful tool in collecting consumers' preferences for future marketing purposes.


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