Video surveillance system, or commonly referred to as CCTV system, is one of the most common measures deployed in commercial and residential buildings to improve sites’ security in Singapore other than door access control systems. Installation of a CCTV surveillance system for offices and homes is a cost-effective method to minimise manpower costs, secure your premises and protect your assets. In addition, having a CCTV security system installed in commercial and residential premises such as offices, factories, warehouses and homes provides an immediate deterrent to criminals, particularly when it comes to pre-planned crimes. CCTV can be broadly classified under analogue or internet protocol (IP) system with the latter also known as network CCTV system. Regardless of your choice of analogue or IP/network CCTV systems, the cameras can achieve high-definition resolution providing sharp and clear video recordings and either system can support remote viewing functions via your mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets (IOS and Android). The common hardware that makes up the analogue CCTV system are analogue indoor or weatherproof cameras, digital video recorders, power supply units to power up the cameras and hard disk. For network or IP CCTV systems, the common hardware is IP indoor or weatherproof cameras, network video recorders, power-over-ethernet (POE) switches, wireless access points and hard disk.

Network Cameras
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