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A timelapse can either be done via video or in pictorial sequences taken in multiple frames. Equipped with the appropriate tools and softwares to ensure a successful timelapse, we incorporate this timelapse technique when tasked with providing footage of the construction of new buildings, carparks, etc. A timelapse has different uses, all dependent on each individual’s needs and requirements.

Timelapse videos can be used to mark specific timings such as peak hours, which is especially useful in certain industries. This is so because in, for example, service industries, it allows for a good estimate of how long a queue takes to form, which subsequently allows a rough gauge on the timing of when it clears up eventually. Furthermore, a timelapse video can be used in various contexts; introduction videos, presentation videos, and more. Hence, making our timelapse service one of the most popular to date. With a compiled timelapse video sent every 1-1.5 months for review, progress of each site can also be viewed easily.

To view some of our timelapse works or simply to learn more about the whole timelapse system itself, contact us for more information.

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