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Door access control system is a highly effective method to secure the physical security of offices, homes or buildings by allowing only authorized or registered users to access specific doors within the premise by means of implementation of a keyless system. There are many advantages of door access control systems as compared to traditional locks and keys such as eliminating the need to replace misplaced keys and risk of terminated employees duplicating the keys. 

Card Access / Mobile Access/ Fingerprint Reader/ Facial Recognition System
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Multi-Door Controllers
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We have a wide variety of door access control systems to cater to different requirements ranging from installation of a single door for offices or homes to multiple doors for buildings. For non-biometric access modes, one can choose to install card readers, card plus passcode/pin readers and there is even an option for you to use your mobile phone instead of the access cards. For biometric access modes, the common choices in Singapore are fingerprint readers and face recognition/facial recognition readers. 


For installation of a basic door access system for your office or home, you can install a standalone card or passcode/keypad reader whereby the authorized users are granted access by means of their access card or keying in their passcodes. The registered users’ data are stored in the access control reader thus making it easy for the administrator to manage the users’ database. The choice of access card such as EM card, Mifare card, HID card or CEPAS also affect the security level. For higher security level, one can install biometric readers whereby authorized users are granted access upon authentication of their fingerprint or facial templates. In addition, one can opt for multiple modes of authentication whereby the user must tap the access card and input the biometric template before access is granted. 

For sites that require multiple doors to be secured such as office or residential buildings, warehouses or factories, multiple door access controllers can be deployed and link the doors to a centralized access control management system software which allow effective management by the administrator in terms of managing users’ database, checking time attendance record of staff and notifications of abnormal events. In addition, one can enhance the physical security level of the office or residential building by installing card access system within the lift cabins and lift access controllers which will link up to the same access control management system. Only authorized users with access card will be able to use the lifts. Through the access control management system software, the administrator can also assign different levels of access rights to individual users to enter specific rooms or specific floor levels of the building.  

Other than access control, another common feature utilized in offices is time attendance function which tracked the date and time of registered users. Having a time attendance system allow effective monitoring of staff attendance records and improve productivity of the human resource department by enabling them to download time attendance records such as hours of overtime performed without the need to perform manual calculations. This work in tandem with the door access control feature thus every time a registered user enters the office via his or her fingerprint or using facial recognition, the door will unlock and a record of the entry log is capture in the door access system software. 

In addition, all our door access systems can be integrated with video and audio intercom systems. For a typical office setup, this allows the receptionist to communicate with the visitor and identify the visitor before releasing the door via the video intercom monitor. In addition, one can also have the option to link the video and audio intercom to your mobile phone which enable you to unlock the door remotely while you are not in office. 

Frontier Security carry multiple reliable brands of door access readers, multi-door controller and lift access controller to suit different requirements and budgets in Singapore. Brands that we provide are Apollo, Entrypass, HID, Hikvision, MicroEngine, Suprema, Safra Morpho, TDSI, Vanderbilt and ZKTeco. Other than designing and installation of door access control system for new sites, Frontier Security also provide rectification/repairs works and maintenance works for existing door access systems. With so many brands and types of door access systems available in Singapore, it can be confusing for you to decide which type of access control system best suits your needs and budget. Contact us now and our professional sales team will get in touch with you to discuss and proposed a cost-effective door access system that suits your budget.