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The need for security has become increasingly growing day after day. Security metal detectors are designed to meet the general screening requirements for various threat items such as weapons and contraband detection, which plays an important role to keep people safe. They are also useful to detect foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewellery.

Multi Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector
Hand-Held Metal Detector
There are some types of security check systems available on our website, from walk-through metal detector, hand-held metal detector to thermal detection unit. Both walk-through metal detector and hand-held metal detectors commonly used in specific areas at public places such as airports/ seaports and festivals/ events. 
Hand-held metal detector is an alternative tool with more flexibility and portability. It is used for a more specific check after the hidden metal objects detected from walk-through metal detector. A single sweep scan on a subject's body or on a travel bag is sufficient to detect hidden metal objects.
Meanwhile, the TDU (Thermal Detection Unit) is a COVID-19 screening compliance upgrade sensing kit which can be installed on all current CEIA security gates and allows for detection of simultaneous threat and fever on all screened individuals.
We carry a variety of security check systems, including CEIA High Performance Walk-Through Multi Zone Metal Detector, CEIA Compact Hand-Held Metal Detector and CEIA Thermal Detection Unit; Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detector and Garrett Super Scanner V; MCD Hand-Held Metal Detector; Rapiscan Systems Walk-Through Metal Detector and Rapiscan Systems Hand-Held Metal Detector; and Unicomp Multi Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector.
Our security metal detectors are available for purchase and installation. Our engineers are well-versed in installation and maintenance support. Different terms and conditions apply.
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to be advised on the best choice to make for your next security check systems. Our team will be happy to assist you!