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In Singapore, the need for enhanced building security has been increasingly growing. Alongside with CCTV surveillance security systems, turnstiles and door access control systems, another vital and effective component of security check systems are walk-through metal detectors and handheld metal detectors. Security check systems functioned as a primary form of defence and deterrence against potential perpetrators from entering the buildings and are usually installed at lobbies of office buildings, entry points for mass events such as stadiums and convention halls and area of interest such as MRT stations. 

Multi Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector
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Portable/ Hand-Held Metal Detector
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Pulse induction technology are typically used in walk-through metal detectors which send short pulse of current through the coil of wire and produced a magnetic field. A large magnetic field is created within the space of the walk-through metal detector which trigger the alarm when a person passed through with items containing metallic components such as knife or firearm which possess a security threat. Handheld metal detectors are usually used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors to determine the exact location of the metallic items though they also be deployed as a cheaper alternative in place of walk-through metal detectors. Handheld metal detectors are designed for rapid and effective scanning for items containing metallic components with a single sweep on a subject’s body or travel bag, easy to use and portable. We carry a wide variety of security checks system to suit different budgets and requirements. For handheld metal detector wants, we carry Garrett Super Scanner V handheld metal detector wand, MCD handheld metal detector, Rapiscan handheld metal detector wand and CEIA handheld metal detector wand. For walk-through metal detector, we carry CEIA high performance walk-through multi-zone metal detector, CEIA thermal detection unit, Rapiscan walk-through metal detector, UNICOMP 33-zones walk-through metal detector and Garrett 33-zones walk-through metal detector. Other than sale and installation of walk-through metal detector and handheld metal detector wand, we also provide maintenance services and rentals of walk-through metal detector for short-term and long-term projects. Contact us now for a non-obligatory site discussion to enhance your building security!