Our Products

Our CCTV systems can be customised to cater to more specific needs, provide high resolution images as well as implemented at residential and/or commercial sites.

From facial recognition to biometric and basic card readers, we carry a wide range of products and brands in Singapore to meet different requirements - all of which can be installed on different doors (eg.: timber, glass, turnstile access system).

Turnstile Singapore

Half height and full height turnstiles with tripod or flap barrier designs to suit different sites, ranging from construction areas to office towers.

PA system, paging system

PA products for large premises in need of systems to convey concise messages to staff situated at various locations.

Video Conference Icon.png

Video conferencing systems help to reinvent the way traditional company meetings take place - remove the need for a physical environment and live in the future of technology.

Temparature Icon Free.png

Thermal cameras serve to detect higher skin-surface temperatures, most useful in ensuring the safety of the general public, particularly in terms of health.

Answer the door at your own convenience with our Audio and Video Intercom System. Authenticate any visitor(s) and grant them access.

Turnstile Singapore

Power up cameras with solar energy on site with limited power access. Go Green.

PABX singapore

For effective communication within and between offices. Basic phone systems can support 3 CO lines and 8 extensions with the option of adding a door phone (intercom between visitors and receptionist).

Alarm Singapore

Installation of an alarm system is an effective way to deter potential intruders to protect your property and/or loved ones.

Brands We Carry
Safran Morpho Biometric Devices

DSC Alarm Systems

Samsung CCTV Singapore

Hikvision CCTV singapore


Panasonic CCTV Singapore

Bosch Security Singapore

HID Card Access Singapore


Soyal Card Readers Singapore

EntryPass Door Access Singapore

Kocom Intercom Singapore

Dahua CCTV Singapore

MicroEngine Door Access

Nuuo Singapore

D-Link Singapore

Apollo Door Access