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Frontier Security Pte Ltd prides itself as a network solution provider with advanced solutions easily delivered to your business or home. Frontier Security Pte Ltd network solutions will fortify and aim for peak performance of the network, as well as provide a safe network and a secure network that will be able to stand against internal and external threats on your personal data.

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RGNBS3200 Series L2 Smart Gigabit Switch.png
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Access Point
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RG-AP820-L Indoor.png
RG-AP730-L Indoor.png
RG-AP720-L Indoor.png
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RG-AP210-L Indoor.png
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RG-AP710 Indoor.png
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RGEG105GP RGEGPoE Series - Gateway.png
RGEG105GW RGEG Series - Gateway.png
RGEG105G RGEG Series - Gateway.png
We carry 3 network solutions brands which includes Reyee, Ruijie and Ubiquiti (Unifi). Our product lines includes Switches, Access Point, Gateway and Home Wifi Router. Frontier Security network solutions products comes with both indoor wireless short range Access Points and weatherproof wireless long range Access Points (for outdoor). We also have wireless Access Point that connect to CCTV. 
Our products provide absolute Wi-Fi system with unlimited scalability and a central management controller. It can be accessible via mobile app (both iOS and Android).
Our network solutions are available for purchase and installation. The installation and maintenance support will be done by our experienced engineers. Depending on the usage and duration, different terms and conditions apply.
Please contact us for more information, our team will be happy to assist you!