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IOX Full Height Turnstiles


IOX Full Height Turnstiles

Key Features:

• Access gate mechanism consist of two parts: Stainless Steel main frame and cylindrical center core.
• Access Control Reader can be install on the main frame.
• Access direction: singular or bi-direction (optional). Prevent anti-directional access, Access granted and allow to pass through one direction at a time, the other side will remain lock; the timing can be configured.
• Self-resetting function will allow the turnstiles to lock when there’s no passenger passes through. This timing can be preset or adjustable.
• Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure mode can be programmed to comply building requirement. (optional)
• LED directional indicator function to display authorize passage on both direction.
• Equipped with Micro-Controller board with counting function using LED digital display. (optional).
• Equipped with Micro-Controller board with memory function for group access. (optional)
• Seamless entry upon receiving control signal, using optical hole focus technology.

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