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PERCo Full Height Rotor turnstiles and security gates


PERCo Full Height Rotor turnstiles and security gates

Key Features:

• The full height rotor turnstiles are distinguished by reliable overlap of passage zone, which allows them to be used at facilities with increased safety requirements, both indoors and outdoors.

• The full height security gates are used with full height rotor turnstiles to organize transportation for wheelchairs, bicycles, and other bulky goods.

• The design of PERCo full height turnstiles and security gates ensures a long service life under adverse environmental conditions.

• The housings of the RTD-15 turnstiles are made of powder-coated aluminum.

• The housings of the RTD-16 and RTD-20 turnstiles are made of anticorrosive galvanized steel with powder coating; the rotor sections are made of stainless or galvanized colored steel.

• RTD-20 Double passage full height turnstiles allow organizing two controlled passage zones within limited space.

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