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Vanderbilt ACTpro-1500 Single Door Controller


Vanderbilt ACTpro-1500 Single Door Controller

Key Features:

• Dual port ethernet switch allows for a max of 8 hubbed controllers 60,000 Users (4 credentials and one PIN code per user)
• 1,000 user groups
• Compatible with all ACTpro systems
• Voltage monitoring break glass monitoring
• Monitoring and reporting of mains present, controller supply voltage, tamper, EDR (breakglass)
• Faults reported in ACT Enterprise software
• Anti-Passback
• Fire override
• Airlock/Interlock
• Arm/Disarm intruder panel
• IO module support (ACTpro IOM)
• Elevator control
• TCP / IP - DHCP / Static IP addresses
• Extra rights and door plans included
• Status LED’s
• Space in the enclosure for cable management
• Supports door station technology up to 32 doors
• Compatible with all ACT readers
• OSDP reader support
•12V DC/ 24V DC operating voltage
• ASSA Aperio wireless locks

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