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Soyal 725 Standalone Card/ Pin Reader


Soyal 725 Standalone Card/ Pin Reader

Key Features:

• Built-in hardware watchdog and real time clock
• Supports RS485 communication encryption, SSC (Soyal Security Communications)
• Supports standalone/ networking/ cascade structures
• In-field firmware update
• Arming / Force Alarm/ Unclose Alarm/ Duress Output
• Lift control: 64 floors for AR-725-E floors for AR-725-H
• Access mode: Card only, Card or PWD, Cars and PWD
• Built-in multi-output: Door Lock/ Alarm/ Arming/ Duress/ Security trigger signal
• Holiday edit up to 120 days a year
• Auto relocking for anti-trailing and sneaking
• Suitable for access control, life control, time attendance, payroll and SCADA; graphic monitoring and remote control
•AR-725-H supports one and half door anti passback; AR-725-E support two doors anti-pass back
• WG port provides anti-pass-back function
• Support frequency 125Khz, 13.56Mz or dual band (only for AR-725-E)

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