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HID Signo Mobile ID/Card Reader (20/40/20K/40K)


HID Signo Mobile ID/Card Reader (20/40/20K/40K)

Key Features:

• Multi-layered security to ensure data authenticity and privacy
• EAL5+ Certified secure element hardware
• Native OSDP secure channel capability
• Trusted secure authentication using the SIO data model
• Supports iCLASS EliteTM and Corporate 1000 Programs
• Native Bluetooth and NFC support allows you to go mobile
• Integrated 125 kHz credential read support for easy migration
• Supports over 15 common credential technologies
• Flush mount terminal block and pigtail wiring options
• Robust outdoor performance with an IP65 rating
• Easily and securely managed using HID Reader Manager®
• Configure via a mobile device or OSDP
• Updated firmware in response to threats
• Personalize audio visual or keypad settings
• Deactivate legacy credential technology to conclude secure migration

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