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Yamaha TF1

Yamaha TF1 Singapore.jpg

Yamaha TF1

Key Features:

  • 16 + 1 fader configuration

  • Input channels: 32 mono, 2 stereo, 2 return.

  • Busses: 20 Aux (8 mono, 6 stereo), Stereo, Sub, 4 matrix.

  • Local I/O: 16 mic/line + 2 stereo line in, 16 out.

  • Recallable “D-PRETM” Microphone Preamplifiers provide an ideal sonic foundation

  • Intuitive user interface optimized for touch panel operation.

  • Traditional Overview and Selected Channel Interfaces

  • “1-knob COMPTM” & 1-knob EQTM for easy ideal sound dialling

  • “QuickPro PresetsTM” provide instant access to pro sound setups.

  • “GainFinderTM” supports precision gain setup

  • “DCA Roll-out” enhances group control.

  • “SENDS ON FADER” buttons instantly bring the specified AUX or FX bus levels up on the faders for easy verification and adjustment.

  • Seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad® or other computing device.

  • Direct 2-track recording to USB storage devices, or serious multitrack recording to a DAW via USB.

  • Multitrack recordings can be used for “virtual sound checks” when performers aren’t available.

  • 1 expansion slot for NY64-D audio interface card

  • Other features: 8 Powerful Processing/Effect Units, User Defined Knobs, User Defined Keys, 8 DCA groups, and more.

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