Rapiscan System Metor 6M Walk Through Metal Detector 

Rapiscan Systems Metor 6M Walk-Through Metal Detector 


Key Features: 

  • Automated sensitivity and floor sensitivity functions make the calibration process easy, eliminating the time consuming trial and error method

  • Automated frequency function selects the optimum operating frequency for the installation environment or in case of side-by-side use of more than one unit

  • Preset Detection Programs – The Metor 6M is delivered with multiple preset detection programs based on international standards, ready to use immediately

  • Battery Backup: Up to 8 hours of runtime when no power is available

  • Remote Control Unit: A bi-directional remote control unit enables easy programming as well as copying of the parameters from one unit to other units. This control unit, unique only to the Metor brand of walk-through metal detectors, makes programming several detectors fast and easy. The operation of the control unit is secured with passwords and a code-hopping encryption algorithm to prevent unauthorized access

  • ADA Compliant Crosspiece: 32 in. crosspieces are available to meet ADA compliance for wheelchair accessibility

  • Test Pieces: To assist in calibration and testing
    MetorNet 3 Pro Web: A Remote Security Management System that collects the statistics on traffic flow and alarm data of up to 255 Metor walk-through metal detectors and generates easy-to-read reports

  • Traffic Lights: to assist in the smooth flow of people through the machine