Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector

Key Features:

- IP55 rated weatherproof design (operational temp; -20 C to +70 C)

- 33 distinct sensor zones (3 vertical x 11 horizontal) with corresponding LED alerts for accurate pinpointing of target object

- 16 independent programs designed for all installation-specific requirements (including TSA and EMD Specs. - see right for  `Approvals & Testing`)

- Unmatched discrimination of harmless items such as coins, jewellery, keys and other small metal objects

- Mains operated - fully automatic 100-240VAC  (12 hour battery backup)

- Built in traffic counter tracks number of patrons passing through the unit, number of alarms (and calculates percentage)

- Multiple units can be used in close proximity

- 24 months manufacturers warranty