Simple to Use

The DCS-5222L is a stand-alone system with a built-in CPU, requiring no special hardware or software such as PC frame grabber cards. The DCS- 5222L supports both ActiveX mode for Internet Explorer and Java mode for other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


Supports a Variety of Platforms

The DCS-5222L supports TCP/IP networking, HTTP, and other Internet related protocols. It can also be integrated easily into other Internet/Intranet applications because of its standards-based features.


Web Configuration

Using a standard Web browser, administrators can configure and manage the Network Camera directly from its own Web page via Intranet or Internet.


Broad Range of Applications

With today’s high-speed Internet services, the DCS-5222L Network Camera can provide an ideal solution for live video over the Internet and for remote monitoring. The DCS-5222L allow remote access from a Web browser for live image viewing and management of the network cameras anytime, from anywhere in the world. The network cameras have a wide range of applications, including industrial and public monitoring of homes, offices, banks, hospitals, child-care centers, and amusement parks.


802.11n Wireless or Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Support

The DCS-5222L offers wireless 802.11n and Ethernet/Fast Ethernet connectivity, making the DCS-5222L easy to integrate into your existing network environment. The DCS-5222L works with a 10Mbps Ethernet based network or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet based network for traditional wired environments, and also works with 802.11n routers or access points. The Site Survey feature also allows you to view and connect to any available wireless networks.


Remote Monitoring Utility

The D-ViewCam application adds enhanced features and functionality for the Network Camera and allows administrators to configure and access the Network Camera from a remote site via Intranet or Internet. Other features include image monitoring, recording images to a hard drive, viewing up to 32 cameras on one screen, and taking snapshots. Note that D-ViewCam works on Windows® computers only.


IR LED for day and night functionality

The built-in infrared LEDs enables night time viewing of up to 16 feet (5 meters).