Established by security professionals with more than ten years of experience in the local industry, we at Frontier Security Pte Ltd pride ourselves in being problem solvers. Having worked on countless sites, we offer security solutions in Singapore featuring a wide range of CCTV cameras, intruder alarm systems, thermal cameras, video conferencing systems, door access systems, audio/video intercom systems, PABX phone systems, Public Address/ Public Announcement (PA) systemsturnstiles, metal detector security check systemssolar power CCTV, network solutionvideo wall, audio video systems and digital signage.

With the Frontier Security Pte Ltd team’s relevant experience and security know-how, we are proud to have worked with corporations, industries, teams, and individuals all over Singapore whom have entrusted us with their companies’, construction sites’ and families’ needs respectively.

Products and Services













Network (IP) CCTV System Singapore/ Analog CCTV System Singapore

CCTV Cameras consist of network CCTV cameras, analogue CCTV cameras, network video recorders (NVR), digital video recorders (DVR), while some CCTV cameras even come as solar powered CCTVs or time lapse CCTVs. Frontier Security Pte Ltd also offers CCTV cameras with audio functions via a built-in microphone; Smart CCTV cameras with motion detection, intrusion detection or people counting functions, which will be able to deliver clear and sharp footage. Some brands of CCTV cameras we carry are Hikvision CCTVs, Dahua CCTVs, Panasonic CCTVs, and Samsung CCTVs.
















Door Access Readers Singapore

Door access systems are straightforward and come in the forms of card access, fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, multi-door controllers, and key cabinets. Frontier Security Pte Ltd carries various standalone card access systems which can read cards or pins.


Door Access Controller Singapore

For multiple doors, you may use door access controllers to control various doors and link them to a centralized location such as a server room, where you are able to perform various functions that suit your needs, i.e. registration of new users. Frontier Security Pte Ltd carry several brands - Apollo, Entry Pass, MicroEngine, TDSI and Vanderbilt.





Audio Intercom Singapore / Audio and Video Intercom Singapore 

Audio Intercom/ Audio and Video Intercom Systems are very popular, giving the option of verifying any visitors at your convenience. The audio intercom/ audio and video intercom systems wired and installed come in various shapes and sizes, and different brands such as Kocom intercom, Hikvision intercom, Panasonic intercom, Aiphone intercom, and Comelit intercom.














Public Address/ Public Announcement (PA) System Singapore

For reaching wider audiences, a Public Address/ Public Announcement (PA) System is ideal in its broadcasting features. Depending on how many people are to be reached out to, the Public Announcement (PA) systems are versatile enough to be placed at your desired areas. The Public Announcement (PA) systems are made up of speakers and microphones, call stations, amplifiers, and several accessories – Bosch ceiling speakers, Bosch horn speakers, Bosch call stations, Bosch, plena message managers, TOA wall mount speakers, TOA pendant speakers, TOA PA system accessories, and many more.


Turnstiles Singapore

On the scope of crowd control, Frontier Security Pte Ltd carries different Turnstiles. There are different turnstiles to suit different crowd control needs – half height flat barrier turnstiles, half height single arm barrier turnstiles, half height swing gate barriers, TWIX tripod turnstiles, motorised swing gate turnstiles, and swing gate turnstiles are not full height turnstiles; making these variations of turnstiles useful for an additional level of security. As for full height turnstiles, they provide an even greater level of security by greatly lessening the likelihood of tailgating at sites which call for stricter security protocols.


Intruder Alarm System Singapore


A system that works well to safeguard your properties are Alarm SystemsDoor Access Systems, and Audio/Video Intercom Systems. Alarm systems include wireless alarm systems as well as wired alarm systems, of which, consist of push buttons, EM locks, and break glasses to make up a whole alarm system. There is even a backup battery option for the alarm system and door access system to ensure operations will proceed smoothly.















Metal Detector Security Check Systems Singapore

General screening requirements in public places become essential to avoid various threats of items. Frontier Security Pte Ltd offers a range of Metal Detector Security Check Systems from multi-zone walk through metal detector, hand-held metal detector to thermal detection unit. The brands that we carry are Unicomp, Garrett, CEIA, MCD and Rapiscan Systems.
















PABX Phone System Singapore

To ensure convenience in communication, Frontier Security Pte Ltd implements PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) Phone Systems to get the job done. Panasonic PABX Phone Systems which Frontier Security Pte Ltd wires and installs have been tested and proven effective in various industries, regardless of being deployed for a new company or an established one.














Network Solution Singapore

Our Network Solution delivered a safe and secure network for business or home. Frontier Security Pte Ltd offers a range of product lines - Switches, Access Point, and Routers. The brands that we carry include Reyee, Ruijie and Ubiquiti (UniFi).














Video Conferencing System Singapore

Furthermore, with working from home being an increasingly popular arrangement, Frontier Security Pte Ltd also offers video conferencing solutions to make working online a seamless adjustment. Our video conferencing comes with varieties of brands such as Logitech Full HD Webcam, Bose Video Bar and Polycom Studio Video Bar.



Digital Signage and Digital Kiosk Singapore

Digital Signage designed to catch the attention of consumers and deliver messages that are custom design to improve their experience. A digital signage display can show graphics and video, targeting people in higher crowd such as shopping centres. As part of Digital Signage, there are also available products such as touch screen / interactive display and Kiosk.
















Audio Video (AV) System Singapore


Another product which Frontier Security Pte Ltd offers is Audio Video (AV) System. Audio Video (AV) System could project important announcements, host full-scale events, and broadcast your sound with ease using professional systems - be it for audience or professional set up for an upcoming event. We have sets of projectors, microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers and more. 
















Solar Power CCTV Singapore


As part of environmentally friendly solution, Frontier Security Pte Ltd comes with Solar Power CCTV. We provides stable and efficient solar panel for on grid, off grid household, commercial solar systems and large solar plants.  











Thermal Screening Terminals Singapore

More recently, Frontier Security Pte Ltd has expanded into Thermal Camera too. Our Thermal Camera brands - Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal and Suprema Face Recognition Terminal.















Video Wall Singapore

Frontier Security Pte Ltd’s choice of Video Walls are excellent in displaying HD video quality for advertising and corporate usage. The digital signage units which form up a video wall are equipped with the appropriate processing power allowing for them to be in operation for 16-24 hours. Video walls therefore have various uses with the option of different video wall display modes - such as split screen.


CCTV, alarm systems, thermal cameras, video conferencing systems, door access systems, audio/video intercom systems, PABX phone systems, PA systems, and turnstiles can (mostly) be implemented in both commercial as well as residential settings, making the various products and services ideal for most situations and workplace requirements.


The team at Frontier Security Pte Ltd can also be engaged to provide select services, namely those of cable management, setting up a time lapse camera video system, and system maintenance.


Keep your systems organised with proper cable management practices. Cable management and organising can also help to save space, and this is done so by organising the workspace in a professional manner.


One of Frontier Security Pte Ltd’s best-selling service would be the time lapse camera video system. Time lapse cameras include specialised ones for the sole purpose of time lapse videos, and also CCTV time lapse cameras.


Finally, system maintenance is done by conducting interval checks on hardware, and/or selected software. Depending on your needs, Frontier Security Pte Ltd will help assess the scope of system maintenance required. With proper system maintenance measures taken, product breakdowns can be minimised or detected earlier to prevent any major issues before an event.


Should you choose to engage us, through a thorough assessment of your surroundings, Frontier Security Pte Ltd will provide the relevant advice as to your concerns; the products most suitable for your security purposes.

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