Height Height Tripod Turnstile NW-TS-02

Half Height Tripod Turnstile NW-TS-02

Half Height Tripod Turnstiles NW-TS-02 Singapore.png

Key Features: 

  • Auto replacement function, reposition after person pass by

  • Anti tail function auto-lock once turn 120°.

  • Arms auto drop when power off, ensure unblock during emergency

  • Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect variety

  • card readers and receive relay signal to work

  • Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying to suit your requirement

  • Auto alert error function, comfort for user maintain and operate (0ptional)

  • Manual button or remote control, Bio-directional passage

  • Open signal with memory or without set function (optional)

  • Red and green light to show pass or stop, indication for Entrance and Exit