Installation of a door access system is a straightforward yet effective way when it comes to managing entry of your premises. We provide a variety of systems ranging from readers that allow for both card and fingerprint recognition, or even readers that go by facial recognition. In addition, systems that also allow for multi-door control. 

A simple door access could be in the form of a pin code or access card to grant entry to authorized personnel. You can choose fingerprint or face recognition door access models for higher level of security. For multiple doors, you may use door access controllers to control various doors and link them to a centralized location such as a server room, where you are able to perform various functions that suit your needs, i.e. registration of new users.
In addition, certain door access models have time attendance functions where you will be able to track the date and time of entry of registered users. Having to change the lock when employees resign and/or fail to return the key, or in the event that the key has been duplicated, and manual calculation of work hours will be a thing of the past after the installation of a door access system.

Key cabinets are one of the more innovative door access products carried, where users are able to help manage how keys are stored and allocated. Key cabinets are also perfect for smaller applications in an environment that requires control. The key cabinets can operate as a standalone solution that requires no IT management, depending on the user's needs. Simply contact us for more information on our door access products.