CCTV systems can be customised to cater to different security needs, provide high resolution images and can be implemented for residential and commercial sites. We provide a large variety of systems ranging from IP and HD to analogue cameras. We also have Digital and Network Video Recorders for preview and playback purposes. Our latest additions feature CCTVs that can be solar powered, as well as CCTVs that are able to capture still images over certain time frames to create time lapse videos.

A necessity for almost every type of site, CCTVs are not only easy to use and maintain, but CCTVs can also provide a better and more secure environment for your businesses, properties, colleagues, and loved ones. With an implemented CCTV system, offices, public areas, and homes will be in the safer hands of the CCTV footage, with the option to view and export if needed.
CCTVs provide certainty, surveillance and can even act as an effective deterrent against potentially troublesome situations. With the versatility (in size) of our CCTVs providing an option for almost every site, the most appropriate and cost-effective CCTV systems can be discussed and decided upon, depending on the situation and your security needs. With CCTVs that feature HD quality CCTV footage, POE (Power Over Ethernet) support, durability, and more, the choice of IP CCTVs or analogue CCTVs is highly subjective. Contact us for a complementary site visit so we can assess accurately which CCTVs will be the most suitable ones, as well as making sure that the CCTVs will be placed at areas that will allow for the best usage and efficacy.