Connect and communicate, or view, all from the comfort of your location of choice. Effective for enforcing or reinforcing the importance of only allowing familiar faces into your premises, as well as knowing who is going to have access to your property.

Answer the door with the push of a button - intercom systems are the new and improved peepholes; authenticate visitor(s) and grant them access with ease with your choice of an audio and/or video intercom system. Simply PTT (Push To Talk) for a fuss-free and quick, yet effective identity verification all from the intercom system unit itself. With the different intercom systems made available to you from Frontier Security, you may opt for voice-only intercom systems, or intercom systems which provide for live viewing.


Select intercom systems can also be customised to be paired with smartphones, allowing for notifications from the intercom system to be sent as and when there are visitors. Other intercom system features include multi-user systems ideal for larger premises in order for users to have equal access. As each intercom system is built to function in certain weather conditions, number of users at once, different intercom viewing modes; with unique intercom system sizes and intercom designs, etc., contact us for more information and we will recommend the best-suited intercom system for your unique needs.