About Us


To be the top 100 security system integrator in Singapore


Understanding our customer's needs and providing prompt services and solutions

  1. Cost Efficiency

  2. After-sales Customer Service : We are committed to building a lasting relationship with each and every customer.

Frontier Security Pte Ltd was established in year 2016 as a security Integrator company by experienced personnel in relevant industry to provide comprehensive and reliable services to the consumers. Every organization and customer has different requirements on their security setup and we take pride in being a solution provider to provide a cost effective and feasible setup to meet these requirements.

Our products and services

Track records and achievements:

  • CCTV, Door Access and alarm (intruder detection System) Implementation and maintenance – Hotelbed Group (2017)

  • CCTV and Door Access Maintenance - Safra Jurong (2016)

  • CCTV maintenance - Pioneer Point MCST (2017)

  • CCTV and door access implementation and maintenance - Changi Recommends (2016)

  • CCTV and Door Access Implementation and maintenance – Seng Heng Engineering Pte Ltd (2016)

  • CCTV Implementation and manintenance – Trans-euro Pte Ltd (2016)

  • CCTV Implementation and manintenance – Wee Hur Construction (PUB Toh Guan Extension and Eurokars Lengkee -2016)